transmedia installation

Kunstverein Oberwallis 2019, Galerie zur Matze, Stockalperschloss Brig, Switzerland

spatial audiocomposition for 16 speakers powered by electric fence, wool, concrete, isolators and series of photographs


The transmedia installation Hohlicht refers to the Valais Alps‘ aura of natural idyll and a place of longing. Folk art forms such as yodelling and homeland painting were the research starting points for the audiovisual installation. The environment was developed site specifically for the Galerie Zur Matze at the historical Stockalperschloss in Brig. Applying the media of space, sculpture, sound and photography, the work investigates the idealistic, glorifying view on the Alpine idyll and its reflection in folk art.

In cooperation with local yodelclubs, voices of different timbres were recorded. The voices expand over an 8 speaker matrix which is spatially integrated into a large-sized graphic design with wool and electric fence. The psychoacoustic dimension of the work induces sensory experiences typical for mountains such as echo, the physical sensation of height and expanse and the experience of aesthetic sublimity.