tactile tableau

solo show at MadLab0, Paradise AIR 2016, Matsudo, Japan

tactile 3-channel audio-composition and cable-tape-drawing on presentation wall, 3 sound transducer, adhesive tape, speaker cable


For the Madlab0 art space of Matsudo City, I created an audio-visual-tactile work that playfully reflects my embodied experiences travelling with Tokyo’s metro while living there. The experience to move through major cities like Tokyo is an encounter with graphically organized infrastructures and a strong physical involvement, which finds a playful, multi-sensory expression in this work. The 256 by 352 centimeter presentation wall of the exhibition space Madlab0 is covered with a three colored tape drawing. A 3-channel audio composition  of field recordings from the Tokyo Metro contains  signal-tone melodies, Japanese and English announcements, and the sounds of moving trains. The individual sound-events overlap in time while moving in circles across the wooden wall. The composition is presented audible and tactile. While listening, it can also be felt in its respective frequency by placing the hands on the surface.