Suomalainen Äänimaisema

interactive audiovisual installation

Titanik Galleria, artist residency and production grant 2015, Turku, Finland

spatial sound composition for three interactive and three static audio channels, 5500 plastic balls and 3-channel projection mapping

The installation reflects the geography of northern Finland, characterized by vast lakes, beech covered hills and the appearance of Aurora Borealis on clear, dark winter skies. During a field trip, I recorded hydrophone-based explorations of the waters, traditional folk songs of the Sami, and various natural sounds found in the Inari region. During extensive day and night walks, I became familiar with the natural and cultural soundscape. The multi-layered cumulated in the development of an interactive audio-visual environment for Titanik Galleria in Turku.

A rolling landscape of 5500 white plastic balls stretches across the three rooms of the Gallery. The walls of the rooms intersected the flow of the landscape, which continued behind each wall. Three video projectors bathed the landscape in greenish light reflections, a reminiscence of the daily sightings of Aurora Borrealis during my stay at the Polar Circle. Gradually, natural sounds and human vocals emmited from the structure, triggered by people walking and exploring the space.