Augmented Scopes


comissioned by  – A Beautiful Accident – meta.morf 2017 – Biennale for Art and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

236 compostable biopolymer objects, 70 speaker, 3 interactive audio-channels, 90 carboard discs, digital processing


In 2017, climate change threatened 58% of the world’s coral reefs due to sea-level rise, increase in storm intensities, sea surface temperature rise, PH acidification and increased CO2 levels in seawater. With the cultivation of corals in artificial reef facilities, mankind tries to compensate the loss of these complex ecosystems. Is the diversity of the Anthropocene shifting into the spaces of museal virtualization? And what are the perspectives for empowering the individual of the Postantropocene to meet the global challenges of our time? By integrating the cardboard discs into the biopolymer objects, visitors enrich the visual composition with reef species such as sea urchins, starfish, coral and tang. The spatial scope of the work’s sculpture expands from the physical into the virtual. The density of the interactive sound rises with growing number of people present and acting in the artificial structure.