Past Sense

interactive art

Bygda 2.0 artist residency, project research February 2016, Stokkøya, Norway
Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder artist residency, production March – April 2016, Trondheim, Norway
Babel Art Space, exhibition April 2016, Trondheim, Norway

interactive transmedia installation for biopolymer-sculpture, quattrophonic audio-composition for 2 interactive and 2 static channels, digital processing, 72 speakers and QR-codes


Jorunn Svenning witnessed a fatal shipwreck inLinnesfjord during her early childhood in 1943. She remembered her experience, especially the auditory impressions, such as the metallic sound of the colliding ships, the panicky neighing of drowning horses and the desperate cries of young men, throughout her life. With an underwater camera, I follow the traces of the collision. The numerous tunicates, which I find at the moorings of boats and ships in Linesfjord, appear to me like silent witnesses of the desaster. They may have noticed the tragedy that must have continued below the water level. Roar Svennings memories on his deceased mother’s experience led to the development of an interactive sound composition, integrated into a large-format, illuminated Tunicatae colony, floating in the exhibition room of Trondheim’s Babel Art Space. The composition of static and dynamic audio reflects on the ever changing nature of human memory.