Cabin Crew – Prepare for Landing

interactive art

commissioned by Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, 2015

interactive geodesic sphere with projection mapping, two dynamic audio channels, two infrared sensors on single board computer, and two amplifier


After World War II, the US military built several architectural structures in Germany. Since 2004, some of them continue to serve the NSA as surveillance stations. The radomes host antennas of the globally operating spy network Echelon, which monitors all satellite-guided telephone, fax and Internet connections. The interactive audiovisual sculpture refers to the vague self-assessment „I got nothing to hide“ of many German citizens facing the disclosure of the global surveillance and espionage affairs of the US government in 2013. The audio clips of the interactive sound composition are generated from the video mapping projected on the Deltahedron. Infrared sensors integrated into the geodesic structure monitor the spectators activity. They react to the audience’s movements by playing audioclips generated from the projection. In the video loop, the mechanical camera eye gradually zooms into the human ecosphere, from lofty heights of 10,000 meters above sea level to intimate peeps into gardens and windows, finally intruding most personal environments.