150 Million Tons

sustainable art

Akku artist residency and publication grant, 2018, Uster, Switzerland

96 compostable biopolymer objects, 1 interactive audio-channel, 1 static audio-channel, 1 transducer on glass wall, digital processing


Every year, international ports ship about 200 million cargo containers. Large amounts of plastic gets lost due to shipwreck and leaking containers. Lost goods dispose directly to the sea. In 2018, 150 million tons of petrochemical plastic were floating in the world’s oceans, with a significant rise per annum. The glowing objects of the interactive installation are  made of compostable bioplastic. The project’s container houses a stylized underwater situation with seaweed, light reflections and sounds. A static composition of gurgling water sounds is contrasted with an interactive voice welcoming each visitor who enters the box. In a technoid timbre, the artificial intelligence informs about the alarming degree of the ocean’s pollution by excessive oil production, goods carriage and plastic use.