Lignicol Backstop

self sustaining art

commissioned by Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, Light Art Night 2015, Germany

spatial composition for a forest, 48 nylon-wire objects, interactive digital circuit, 48 speakers, 48 LEDs, 3 interactive audio-channels, 3 static audio-channels,  3 audio-signal amplifier, 3 solar panels, 3 batteries


A poetic glow and atmospheric sounds spread from a forest patch which is situated next to the artist residency of Schöppingen. Light and sounds emitt from mushroom like objects that create a magical transformation of the natural space. Powered by solar energy, the work generates the full amount of its consumed energy within its operating mode. The self-sustaining energy cycle of the work refers to the life sustaining role of funghi in nature. While the audience walks through the trees, the density of sounds increases. The interactive scope of the work immerses the audience into an auditive compositional process.