Yiri II

audiovisual installation

solo show Atrium Maximum 2015, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

spatial audio composition for 180 mineral objects, 48 speakers, 6 LED panels, multichannel hard drive, and 8-channel amplifier


The Rhine and the cathedral in the city center of Mainz mark two characteristic agents of the rhineland-palatine capital. The spatial composition of the work was based on fieldrecordings captured in the city between this historic keyspots. The blackboxed room in the Atrium Maximum of Johannes Gutenber University were illuminated with spotlights that cast color shadowes onto 180 biomorph objects. The play of colors are reminiscent of the Rhine’s water reflections, the mosaic glass windows of the Mainz Cathedral and underline the poetic atmosphere of the sonic composition of passing ships, singing voices and streaming water. The spatial composition of the work floats softly along the stream shaped arranged structure.