Yiri – Method of Loci

audiovisual installation

commissioned by Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen 2014, Germany

spatial audio composition for 180 mineral objects, 48 speakers, multichannel hard drive, and 8-channel amplifier


The work is inspired by the auditive memory code of  Australia’s indigenous people. Yiri describes the dream paths of nature spirits. As they wander through the vastness of the bush, they imprint simulacra of themselves into the natural landscape. Songlines map these imprints and enable orientation and safety in deserted, large areas. Knowing the song of a specific area navigates even through unknown areas, as every distinctive point is sonified and recognized within a landscape. By mapping concise stations of my nomad artist life with recording equipment and microphone, I feel strangely familiar with the concept of sonic mapping. In the exhibition space, fieldrecordings of chirping crickets from barren land, whispered myths of creation, and plucked instrumental sounds locate a dreamline which is soflty floating within an accumulation of biomorph objects.