audiovisual installation

From the copper basin of the water room,  sounds of the melting snow are dripping. They build an acoustic canvas onto which the sounds of plucked Koto strings are applied, sometimes in individual tones, sometimes strung together or superimposed to form tonal lines.

In the tea room there is traditionally a ground-level niche, Tokonoma, 床の間, decorated with a portrait-format picture sheet, Kakemono, 掛け物, or a flower arrangement, Ikebana, 生け花. For this niche I designed a digital kakemono, whose motif consists of leaves of a small bamboo species found in Sapporo.

At the front of the waiting room I placed a three-dimensional kakemono made of branches of the Japanese elm tree. The branches, attached to nylon threads, expand from a vertical plane on the left  towards the right space of the room.